What is FotoCon?

FotoCon is the world's first free international event for photographers and cosplayers.


Enable photographers and cosplayers to share their experience and knowledge, so that each participant will be able to improve his existing skills.


Our event will result in lots of beautiful photos and videos from the plein-air photo/video shoots.


Meet other crazy and postive people like you. Eat and relax with beer.


FotoCon is 100% free for our guests. We provide meals, place to sleep and locations for photoshoots.

Wleń - Hometown of FotoCon


Wleń is a picturesque small town in Lower Silesia (Poland) located in the Bóbr Valley Landscape Park and it has about 2000 inhabitants. There is no heavy industry which would pollute atmosphere of this unique place. The beautiful green countryside and the ruins of the castle are very attractive to tourists. Therefore, tourism is booming here, and this place can provide plenty of activities for people tired of big cities: from hiking and the sightseeing to the more challenging ones like canoeing or sailing on lake Jezioro Pilchowickie.

Because it is a largely protected area, beauty of this place was preserved until today. In combination with a lot of interesting scenery, it is ideal not only for 'hometown' of FotoCon, but also for all kinds of plein-air photography.

Photo: Wleń - Lähn fotograficznie

FotoCon: uniqe and great locations
Opinions: From our participants


"такое количество локаций для фотосетов сосредоточенных в одном городке я ещё не встречала ) заброшенные тоннели, мосты, горные речки, замки, старинные церкви, парки, дамба, скалы :3"

English: Such a number of locations for photosets concentrated in one town, I have not yet met) abandoned tunnels, bridges, mountain rivers, castles, ancient churches, parks, dams, rocks: 3.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/6dPEdzohGx/

Shappi Workshop

Fotocon was such a blast, I am so happy and gratefull that I could have been there!! I am only sad that I couldnt find time to say hi to everyone there... There was so many amazing people!

Source: https://www.facebook.com/ShappiWorkshop/[..]

Studio Zahora

"FotoCon as a convention is [...] a real european phenomenon. I really like the idea of event where cosplayers and photographers can meet and focus on their work without needless atractions. It is also an occasion to meet many interesting people and acquire priceless contacts"

"Wleń is a really small town. There aren't any modern buildings here. I also haven't noticed any nightlife. That is why this is a very good place to rest and calm down. The big plus is a picturesque neighbourhood and that around Wleń we can find a dozen of interesting places that are worth to see"
Source: Interview with Mateusz Zahora from Studio Zahora

From annonymous poll send to participants

"Absolutely amazing, completely different from German Cons."
"I really liked it. It was a really fun weekend, although it was really exhausting."
"It was great experience, I don't regret coming at all :) Especially the opportunity to do shoots with the established photographers and to get the chance to meet so much creative people in one place. It was a pleasure guys. Thank you"
"The best cosplay event/convention/travel I have ever done in my life! I loved EVERY moment I spend there and even to go there! Thank you so much for this!"
"AWESOME, it was legen.... wait for it .... dary, LEGENDARY !!!"
"AMAZING! my best convention ever, and i still have post photocon sadness XD hahah I wish there where maybe 2 of these conventions a year."
"Awesome convention. Different from everything else. Super good experience!"

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