Date and location


Date:     11-13 . 08 . 2017

Location:     Wleń, Poland

FAQ (answer for common questions)

Yes. FotoCon is completely free. Apart from the lack of the entrance fee for participants, we provide a place to sleep, meals and something to drink.
FotoCon is a convention primarily for photographers, cosplayers, videomakers or make up artists so a regular participant would be bored here.

FotoCon is an event with a limited number of possible participants. So only those that have been previously invited or accepted can participate.
FotoCon is a free unique world-wide event, with specialy choosen guests. Our intention is to maintain that in a relatively small group, so everyone can not only have fun, but also share their knowledge and experience with other people who will gather here by the same passion.
For this reason (and a few others), we were initially reluctant to allow the arrival of additional people, who in most cases would not have anything to do on FotoCon.

However, over the past few months we have been convinced to change our minds, and to follow the principle of 'Only fools and dead men do not change their minds. Fools will not and dead men cannot'. So we have decided to allow to have an accompanying person at FotoCon, but under certain conditions:

1. We have to be notified about the companion by email :, at least a month before the event;
2. The content of the application must have information about that person: birthdate, name and information about why it is necessary for you to have that person at FotoCon;
3. The staff will consider each application for accompanying person individually.
4. Chosen accompanying person cannot cosplay and pose for photoshoots at the event.

In addition, as FotoCon is fully free for our guests (we provide accommodation, meals, and many other minor things) and is an event primarily addressed to our guests, a fee of 40€ (euros) per accompanying person is required. In justified cases we can consider reducing this amount.
REMEMBER: People who are not on the list, cannot participate in FotoCon.
We provide a free accommodation in the school building (classes and sports hall - sleeping bag needed).

Of course, participants can also expect at FotoCon: supper (Friday), breakfast (Saturday and Sunday), dinner (Friday, Saturday) and BBQ on the Saturday night.

Some locations are close to conplace, but some are rather far - so we will have few "taxis" to help people to go there. But they are limited, so if you have driver's license you may think about renting car if you dont have one.
If you have a car (which is VERY recomended) it's easy.
If you would like to fly to Poland, the neareast airport is in Wrocław.
If you would like to come by train or bus, check if you can stop at Jelenia Góra. Otherwise, try Wrocław.
From Wrocław you have to move by bus or train to Jelenia Góra. And from Jelenia Góra by bus to Wleń.

If you have any questions or need help you can ask us on our Facebook page, by email:
Write to us on with this question. In subject write "FotoCon results?".
FotoCon is co-financed by the Municipality of Wleń.
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